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A wide range of resins and gelcoats are available at our store. The uses for these materials include resin infusion, pattern creating, coating and casting. 

Our range of supplies includes epoxy resin, waxing agents, polyester and polyurethanes.


Polyester Resins

We sell a choice of acrylic backing, continuous laminating and cold press polyester resins designed for a range of uses


Vinyl Ester Resins

This selection is ideal for composite structures and flame retardancy. Ideal for anchoring and mechanical strength requiring applications


Tooling Systems

Our selection of tools and systems are created for moulds. Ideal for added durability against impact and high temperatures


Coating Agents

Our range of high-performing coating agents includes gelcoats, primers, barrier coats and topcoats ideal for an added resistance to the elements


Pigment Pastes

Our range of coloured pastes include transparent, metallic and light stock colours ideal to provide clean tones and opaque pigments for a selection of different uses


Bonding Solutions

The Poliya bonding pastes include structural, wood, metal and filling laminate solutions along with high-strength bonding materials


The range of gelcoats that we hold is designed to present you with a versatile and durable primary layer ideal for composite parts. These coats are designed to protect the mould itself from abrasions and deterioration over time.

A Wide Range Of Uses

Resins and Gelcoats sold by us at Glassfibre Industries are suitable for use in a variety of uses.

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